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Coast to Coast Walking

Enjoy Coast to Coast Walk

JUN 4 2010

All those who love walking, can enjoy coast to coast walking which is very much different from your normal walks. Coast to coast walking is a foot distance of around 192 miles in Northern England. It is indeed a new kind of adventure something never done before and this is what makes it different from all the other walks.

The coast to coast is a long distance around 192 mile distance walk in the Northern England. It is a long distance which has no signposts around it. This was founded by Alfred Wainwright in 1970. He is the world famous author of “Pictorial guides to Lakes District”.

Route of the Coast to Coast Walk

It is one of the most beautiful places as it passes through around three national parks. These three national parks include- the Lake District National Park, the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the North York Moors National park.
The coast to coast walk basically stretches from St.Bees head on the Irish Sea in Cumbria to Robin hoods Bay in Yorkshire. Walking across this gives immense delight to the walkers who always love to walk in these areas. Runners have all along being creating new records of walking on this place. The people basically prefer to walk west to east due to the prevailing winds which blows from the west. But the walk might not be easy all the way through.

At the starting point, around the Lake District National Park it is quite a tough walk, the people have to face a little bit of problem while walking through this owing to the high speed winds, but later on it is a smooth walk for most and people enjoy it.

How Coast to Coast Walk is Different

The walk has been subdivided by Wainwright in to as many as twelve sections. This is primarily because then it becomes easy to have food and accommodation along with bed and breakfast. There are a number of companies which have been providing transportation facilities to the people and thus take them from one route to the next and thereby it is quite helpful to the walker to move from one destination to the other. This, keeps him full of energy to take a walk the very next day without making him tired or lethargic.

Coast to coast walk in one sense can be said to be one of the most adventurous route for the walkers who move through beautiful mountains, lofty terrains, lakes and moorlands. On the way you discover so many new and interesting things, like the wildlife, unexplored mountains and calm lakes. In some of the places like Yorkshire, you will have a look of some of the best river valleys and pastures.
This is surely one of the walks which perhaps you will remember for your life.

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