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Combat Triathlon

Participating in Combat Triathlon

APR 14 2010

Considered as one of the most highly-anticipated sporting events in Texas City, the Combat Triathlon has been attracting thousands of spectators and triathletes. According to event organizers, this year’s triathlon will be held on May 29 at the College of Mainland. Meanwhile, the good thing about this event is that it offers workout and training courses to participants.

The Combat Triathlon is a highly-anticipated sporting event in Texas City as it attracts thousands of spectators and triathletes who have to complete the race that includes a 300-yard pool swim, 15-mile bike, and 3-mile run.

Meanwhile, this year’s triathlon, which is spearheaded by ON THE RUN, will be held on May 29 within the premise of the College of Mainland.

To join this event which is sanctioned by the USA Triathlon, participants should have an annual membership in this group. This can be obtained by simply visiting the website where people can register their names to become participants.

Another way to join the event is to obtain a one day membership by paying a $10 registration fee before the race. But aside from paying this fee, triathlon participants should pay the event fee worth $55 or $70 for those who will register later than March 25.

Aside from the triathlon event, the ON THE RUN will offer other race categories such as relay, Clydesdale, and Athena.

Training and Workout

According to the event organizers, they will provide training and workout for those who want to prepare in the race. In this way, participants can have coached workouts that will include proper warm up, stretching, and strength and endurance training.

However, participants should make sure that the training plan will allow their body to recover. This can be done by not exceeding the distance covered by more than 10 percent in a week, rather, the increases should be done for every at least two or three weeks.

Professional triahtletes also believe that beginners should focus on the area they are the weakest. For example, most novice triathletes are not strong swimmers so they have to spend extra time on doing training in swimming.

After focusing on their weakest area, novice racers should acclimatize themselves in transitions. This is important because the race will start in swimming and then followed by biking and running. With this consideration, the training should include transition to allow the body to shift from one environment to another.

And lastly, participants should purchase equipment and safety gear which are needed in the race. However, they should make sure that these equipment have passed the federal safety standard to avoid accidents during the race.

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