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Cool Down Stretching Exercises

How to do the Cool Down Exercise

AUG 4 2011

How to do the cool down exercise is essential to know if you want to get the best benefits of cooling down. Cool down stretching exercises form an essential aspect in the overall exercise schedule because through it the body gets time to recover and return to normalcy. These include groin stretch, hip and thigh stretch.

The manner in which warm up exercise is said to be good for your body as it makes the body flexible in the similar manner cool down stretching exercises too are said to be good.

Why to Do Cool Down Exercises:

  • Cool down exercises prepares your body to recover after you have exercised for long hours. This is said to be very much important.
  • If you are not doing the cool down exercises you might stand a chance to suffer from injury.
  • It lets the body return back to normalcy the way it was prior to exercise.
  • Those who are doing cool down on a regular basis they suffer less from soreness than those who ignore it.
  • Primarily an effective cool down consists of three basic components. These includes: gentle exercise, stretching and refuel.
  • Athletes should do the cool down after involving all the above three components and should not ignore any of these aspects.

Cool Down Stretching Exercises:

  • The easiest of the entire cool down stretching exercises is a simple walk or jog at a slow pace.
  • This is known to reduce the body temperature and brings back normalcy to the body.
  • Calf raise down- in this you need to stand on an alleviated object, make sure you are holding something for balance. But you have to stand on the balls of your feet rather and put your entire pressure gently on the balls of the feet. Then let the toes to rise in a gradual manner.
  • On a flat surface lie down in a straight position and raise one of your legs. Now you need to hold this leg by both of your hands. It is upto you to hold it either around the calf or hamstrings.
  • You have to slowly incline your leg towards your chest. Once the stretching starts, it is best to stop and relax the leg.
  • You can also perform yet another very simple kind of cool down stretch. In this you need to sit on the floor and hold the feet with both the hands. You need to lean in way that slowly your chest is made to come close to your feet and your heels are inclined towards your groin.
  • Hamstring stretch is also said to be a good aspect of cooling down. Some others includes calf stretch, groin stretch, hip and thigh stretch.
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