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Country Walking Benefits

Regular Country Walking Brings Lots of Benefit To Your Health

MAY 12 2009

Walking in the countryside brings twofold benefits. Your health remains fit and you enjoy landscapes which also keeps your soul refresh. Country walking is though an easy exercise in which you donít have any hurdle. It is best to maintain your body and you donít require any equipment to plan or fruition your schedule as a regular walker. Punctuality and discipline is necessary in the entire walking process.

Country walking would bring lots of benefits for you when you apply certain rules and remain stick to those rules such as walking straight and in the balanced manner.

Whenever you plan a country walk you must do enough preparation in this regard. You must not forget to pack necessary items into your backpack whenever you start a country walk either alone or with your friends. You should have good amount of nutritious food item and must drink sufficient water. Walking is an excellent exercise which burns calories. It is therefore very important to maintain your energy level to take the best of the benefits of country walking. You can have some chocolates or readymade mint-cakes for this purpose.

Your preparation becomes vague in the absence of spare clothes. As you are out in the field you don’t know what turn the weather can take. Be ready to cope up with the impromptu and unpredictable weather conditions. A sudden downpour may leave you soaked hence precautionary measure should always be beforehand. Spare clothes would help you return home safely.

Even though you are a seasoned walker, you must have the map or compass with you. There is a possibility that you may forget your route in the midway. The map of a particular area you have chosen for your walk would help you trace the exact location in case of any need. It is better to plan your route in advance. And, it is up to you to go where you like. But proper planning has a say in making your schedule appropriate and enjoyable in the entire walking experience.

Your planning should include all intricacies involved in your walking schedule. How long you will be walking and what are your focussed areas being chosen are mandatory in the planning? Usually walking speed should remain approximately 2.5 miles per hour. In case you are a novice you should maintain it with shorter walks and must not act like a seasoned walker in the first instance. Build up your stamina first before readying yourself for more industrious and challenging country walks in your future endeavours.

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