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Countryside Walking Tips

Walking in the Countryside

JUN 11 2010

Walking in the countryside is one of the most adventurous things, provided you are fully prepared for the same. The nature makes it all the more fascinating. There are a number of countryside walking tips which if followed correctly will enable you to enjoy the walk. You should decide before hand which areas you want to visit.

There is nothing better than countryside walking for all those who want to stay fit and healthy, it is not just one of the easiest but also one of the most effective ways to in leading a healthy living. A large number of people opt to go for it instead of joining any of the gyms, since staying close to nature is one of the best means of not having pleasure and making a strong social network alongside.

There is no expense involved in the countryside walking and you can enjoy the entire day with your family and friends, the only requirement is to go to your chose place. There are a number of associations who are working in this field like the Ramblers Association who provide you a guided walking. But before you can go for that, your fitness level will be assessed as well as whether you have any prior experience in the field will be known.

Things You Need to Take With You

Once you go out for countryside walking, you have to take a number of things in mind like you need to carry enough of food and water with you, so that you don’t feel hungry on the long excursion, provided any emergency may occur. Take an extra clothing with you, because you can never be sure of the weather season, if it rains in the middle, you might have to change clothes. Also a good pair of walking shoes and footwear is a must. You should have a proper understanding of how to use a compass and map, which also you have to carry with you. Go for GPS system which will serve your needs better.

Don’t forget to take your mobile phone with you, because in case of any emergency or difficulty at least you will be able to inform your companions about the same. You should plan your walk from before, because a lack of planning can unsettle the entire plan.

Preparing to go to Countryside Walking

You cannot go to countryside walking unless you are fully prepared to do so. This involves full fledged exercise routine from around six months before hand, only then you will be able to enjoy the walk in a complete way. Try to start taking short walks; stair climbing is also a good way. You may also try to go for cycling and running so as to prepare yourself for the walk.

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