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Cross Country Running Training

Getting Trained for Cross Country Running

MAY 3 2010

Getting trained for cross country running is essential if you really want to enjoy this sport. It is a team sport and requires you to be physically fit, with muscle strength playing the lead. Cross country running training is considered to be one of the entertaining and ideal sports around the world.

Cross country running is basically favoured by the students who are in their high school and the collegiate runners. This sports is considered to be one of the most entertaining but it is said to be quite different from the track and field sports since it is primarily a team sports. In a few ways it is also considered to be a unique kind of game.

General View of Cross Country Running

The distance of 10K and 5K are usually kept as the normal running distance in the cross country running. Though men basically participate in the 10K run, the 5K run is mostly run by the women. Yet another unique aspect is that the running basically takes place through the wooden areas, which makes it one of the most ideal sports to be watched out for. During the entire running course, the runner will have to face the dirt, grass, gravel and sand, sometimes they will have to run around the hilly surfaces also.

Training for Cross Country Running

The training can be considered to be one of the toughest trainings, since here aim is to train for distance running. Since the running is quite tough so the runners have to be mentally and physically fit for the same, and he should be strong enough to run those long extra miles. The runner is also provided effective training with regard to running on the hilly areas. Moreover, speed work is yet another key aspect of the cross country running. Runners are taught to run with high intensity.

It also needs to be taken into account that an athlete who is able to win most of the races may not be able to do so in the cross country which is by all means quite different from the normal racing. The hard surface run makes it difficult even for the best of the athletes to run here, if they have no training in cross country. The training requires a different approach with regard to speed, leg action, stride length, so one needs to have complete knowledge of these things.

You need to have shorter stride length; more efforts are needed at the thighs, the legs needs to bend more at the knees. Muscles are more at work in cross country since the path is highly uneven.

You need to train under an experienced coach who will give you the inns and outs of training. He will make you enduring enough to run on the hard surfaces with ease. Long runs form an essential aspect of the training programmes. Your leg movement too will have a role to play.

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