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Custom Fitted Running Shoes

Features of Custom Fitted Running Shoes

APR 4 2011

Custom fitted running shoes are said to be quite popular amongst the runners especially if they are suffering from injuries, they are said to be stable shoes which come with effective cushioning. There are various key features of custom fitted running shoes which make them a good choice for the runners around the world like stability, flexibility. They are good for trail running.

Custom fitted running shoes are said to be the best for those runners who are suffering from pain due to injuries or if they have been wearing inappropriate running shoes.

Wearing Custom Fitted Running Shoes:

  • You need to wear the custom fitted shoes if this is the case with you as unfit shoes might create more problems for you.
  • Most of the time, it has been seen that blisters and other forms of soreness tends to increase if you wear shoes that do not fit your feet properly.
  • It is very essential that you should wear shoes that give you comfort and help you in running with ease and style.
  • You need to make it clear the reason for your pain in the foot, whether it is due to overpronation or underpronation. For this you should try to see a foot wear professional.
  • These shoes are available in different colours and styles and are said to be great pain relievers.
  • The prime focus of these shoes is to give your strength and comfortable run with effective cushioning, and pronation control.

Somnio Custom Fitted Shoes:

  • Custom fitted shoes by Somnio are available at a price range of around $125.
  • Somnio Running shoes are having a complete range of custom running shoes. These are biomechanical running shoes and hence work positively.
  • In these shoes, a custom fit can be created which will help the runners more in the running.
  • Depending upon the height of the arch, interchangeable footbeds are available in these running shoes.
  • Due to the presence of IndX Cushion, the shoes are provided with effective cushioning and on the basis of the weight of the shoes, proper indexing is done.
  • Each and every runner’s specific needs are met with these custom fitted running shoes.
  • Since the feet of each and every runner differs from one another, so these shoes are different for different runners.
  • The good aspect is that you can wear these shoes in trail running also as they are good in this regard also.

These shoes are available for both men and women and offers a wide range of positive features for those who are suffering from running injuries due to poor shoes. These are said to be light weight running shoes and come with motion control and stability features.

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