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Cycling Training Nutrition

Nutrition for Cyclists

MAY 14 2010

Nutrition for cyclists helps them in increasing their endurance level to a greater extent. Cycling training nutrition programme is therefore undertaken by most of them to know what to eat and in what quantities. Carbohydrate rich diet matters a lot. Depending upon the different cycling disciplines, nutrition also varies and you need to know which one suits you.

Cycling training varies a lot in different countries. While in some it may be road cycling in others it could be track cycling or mountain biking. Cycling of some kind may be requiring more endurance than the other. It all depends upon the type which you have opted for since your diet too will vary accordingly. Remember that lot of energy is required by the riders who need to be physically and mentally active also, only then can they go for such a long run. Endurance level needs to be higher by all means.

Diet for Cyclists

The best thing for cyclists is to have a diet which is quite rich in carbohydrates as well as low fat diet. This will provide lots of energy to the cyclist who can thereby participate in the race with active vigour. Carbohydrates in fact form an essential component of the cyclists’ diet since you will be burning your body’s fuel to get energy for cycling.

Remember that you need to include more of fruits, vegetables in the diet. You also need to include whole grains, rice, and pasta in the diet. You should also make water an essential part of your diet and see that you never become dehydrated. What you eat is important all the more as this will give you more energy and thereby help in improving your performance to a better level.

The distance you cover too matters a lot. If in case you are going to ride for more than 60 minutes or so then surely you need to add more carbs to your diet. This will also involve energy drinks and sports drinks which too are known to increase the energy level and thereby help you to sustain better.

Eating Wisely is Important

You need to eat strategically. This implies eating a big meal once a week or two and for the rest of the days you need to eat small amounts of food, this will help in lowering down the calories. This strategy works well with regard to fitness and a number of cyclists depend on this. Try to eat small food before the ride but once it is over, you need to eat a full diet so as to replenish the body with the lost energy. This will also prepare the body for the next cycling ride.
Stay hydrated during and after the ride. Since lack of water in the body can make you suffer from cramps and other problems which in the least you desire to suffer from.

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