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De Paris Marathon 2008 - 6th of April 2008

Full Coverage of 2008 De Paris Marathon

MAR 26 2008

I am picking Kenyan runners again to win the De Paris Marathon 2008. With their natural stamina and endurance, I have a strong feeling that at least a couple from their team would take home the victory.

De Paris Marathon 2008 - An Event to Remember

One of the biggest marathons held April of every year, De Paris Marathon 2008 on April 16, 2008 will be the biggest of all according to some marathon experts. The eventís main organizer Amaury Sport Organization has ended the registration after having 35,000 registered runners last December 2007. Almost 95% of nearby hotels are now fully booked due to huge number of spectators having their reservations finalized earlier this year.

De Paris Marathon 2008

Sponsored by some of Europeís biggest companies like Alfa Romeo, Novartis, Reebok, Gaz de France, Monoprix, and others, de Paris Marathon will officially start on Thursday 12 April: 3 PM to 8 PM following Friday and Saturday. If you are planning to witness this great world event, better to go there in the morning of the opening day.

The marathon will start at Champs-Elysťes and will end at Avenue Foch. This is a 42-km battle of strength, endurance, stamina, and energy. My friend is living in Avenue de Gravelle, about 20 km from Champs-Elysťes and I will be staying with them for 3 days. Runners will pass through the Avenue de Gravelle and will have their 4th stop-over so we will be meeting the leaders in person. This is very exciting and I canít wait for the final marathon day.

We will be expecting around 1.2 million spectators from different countries to join the crowd. Based on what I experienced last year, you need to be in full preparation before going there. A backpack with foods and water with you is a must and donít bring children as much as possible.

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