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Derby Half Marathon

Participating in Derby Half Marathon

OCT 10 2010

Derby half marathon or Mini Marathon is touted as one of the biggest events of the country with runners coming from far and wide to be a part of the event. You have to get yourself enrolled in order to be a part of the race. While moving forward in the race, you become a witness to a number of scenic beauties of the city.

Runners from around 50 states and various other foreign countries take part in the Derby half marathon every year. It finishes in Louisville. The USA Track and Field has named it among the nation’s top 50 races. It gathers around 2000 participants and a much larger number of cheer leaders. As many as 25-30 volunteers are also present to make the event a big success.

The Route of the Race

The race starts at the junction of Cambridge road and Somerset road and thereon proceeds. Making its way through the Burnt House Hill, Harbour Road, the Crow Lane, it takes a left turn at Kings Street and move towards the Victoria Street. After moving a bit more the runners take a right turn at Dutton Avenue and thereon to the finish line after following directions at Bernard’s Park.

On the day of the race, most of the shops and nearby areas remain completely closed and directions are given beforehand about the race route. Those participating have to wear the race numbers on the front of the T shirts or vests.
With a view to make the race an exhilarating experience, around 8 refreshment stations are opened in the entire route for the runners. They provide fresh water and sports drink to the participants. The half marathon event is also labelled as mini marathon, it takes the runners through many of the scenic beauties of the city including the Churchill Downs which is the site of Kentucky Derby.

The race for both the full and half marathon participants start near Iroquois Park, it is basically a point to point race with a 6 mile loop in the first half of the race. At this point the runners are welcomed by the exotic scenes at the Louisville’s historic parks.

Weather Conditions

As far as weather condition is concerned, it is quite cold in the spring season and the temperatures in the month of April may vary from 47 -67 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes you may even witness rain in the running season as the precipitation level is around 4 inches during the month.

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