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Desert Classic Duathlon

About Desert Classic Duathlon

APR 22 2010

Having crossed more than a decade now the journey of Desert Classic Duathlon remains charismatic since last thirteen years. This unique but too much appealing short course duathlon race from southwest United States has gained immense popularity in this region. The diversity of this typical and dominating racing event is that it has flexibility for participation of teammates which include people of all age group and both novices and experienced athletes.

An obvious factor that augurs people to envisage crucial elements of a racing event named Desert Classic Duathlon is that it is a generalized racing category that doesn’t specify for anyone special. Anybody can participate in the race and there is no precondition about that. Professional athletes and first-timers are equally encouraged to participate in it, so is the case with families. In other words this race is a great option for family reunions and gathering of close friends.

Unforgettable Charm:

All regions of the United States are literally enchanted of graceful presentation of Desert Classic Duathlon. This race is popular in the whole country and is very much known to people everywhere. That is why people of all tests and interests enjoy this highly favorable racing event in this region. It has gained popularity in other parts of the world as well due to its unforgettable charm. What is the main reason of this race gaining popularity in all societies? Children participate in it just to make the whole affair an option for family get together.

The Fun Day:

There are so many attractions of Desert Classic Duathlon. Participants and other people involved with it directly or indirectly are rewarded for showing daredevil attitude and are praised in one form or the other. This racing event attracts best of the athletes and novices too that diversify the whole atmosphere. Desert Classic Duathlon often remains in the centre of attraction and makes us love this racing event again and again.

Race Plan:

The participants of Desert Classic Duathlon must be made aware of the whole stuff including distances they would be covering in this specific race. Prior to start of this race one is clarified of all related factors. Distance covered in this race can begin with 3.5 mile run. It is a smooth desert trail in which racers run and know about exploring everything professionally.


Since its inception famous American racing event Desert Classic Duathlon has been noticed by both Americans and non-Americans wherever it is conducted. Main attraction of this racing event is amazing course designed for that. Special interest is taken for making desert venue attractive. The race is organized in the warmer seasons when weather is supportive. Sunshiny climatic conditions, funny music played in the event and gathering of people in large scale make Desert Classic Duathlon truly rewarding racing event.

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