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Diet Plan for a Marathon Runner

Proper Diet for Marathon Runners

JAN 26 2010

Effective diet plan for a marathon runner is a must as it keeps him healthy, provides endurance and strength. Proper diet for marathon runners will prevent various types of ailments as well. A proper diet will be also be able to keep your muscles healthy. A runner will be burning around 120 calories per mile when he trains himself.

Marathon runners need to be very careful with the type of diet they are taking since it is going to have an impact on their overall performance, efficiency and pace. So a proper diet plan is a must for the runners. A balanced diet is a must for the runner just like the proper training. It is important that the marathon runners are able to develop their own diet strategy before running. There are certain basic diet requirements which needs to be met by the marathon runners, however if they fail to meet these requirements then there body may start to suffer from various types of nutritional deficiencies which will be chaotic in the long run. Various problems may start to occur like chronic tiredness, frequent illness, poor concentration, poor performance, and poor recovery.

What should be Included in Diet

Protein forms an important part of marathon runner’s diet since it provides energy. Around 20% of your marathon diet should in fact consist of lean protein which is found in grilled chicken or fish. The second important is fibre which too should be taken in adequate quantities. During training sessions try to include fibre in diet since it aids in digestion. But before the race keep fibre to the minimum.

Complex carbohydrates are also very much essential in your diet intake. So include fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta and beans. Instead of eating lots of food at just one time it is important that the runners should take small meals at regular intervals throughout the day. Don’t take one full meal before the race because it may cause discomfort at the time of race.

Fats are also required by the marathon runners. These are considered to be the largest source of energy. Fats provide energy for your daily activities. Fats are also required to keep your hormones in balance, and also supply the body with adequate quantities of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. The runners should also include water in adequate quantities in order to prevent dehydration. Don’t ignore Vitamins in your diet- try to include all types of vitamins like Vitamin C, E, B complex. Amongst minerals, try to eat iron, calcium, zinc rich food. Eat a variety of foods.

Guidelines for all Runners

Since every person has his own unique preferences so it is essential that you include as per your likeness. But a few guidelines work well for all. It is essential that you eat a small meal before exercises rather than running empty stomach, since eating before the exercise will prevent low blood pressure, blurred vision, and fatigue. Foods are able to provide strength to the muscles and thus help you run for long hours.

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