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Diet for Running Half Marathon

Half Marathonís Running Diet

OCT 13 2010

Half marathon’s running diet consists of foods which provide energy to the runner, builds up his endurance so that he is able to run for long hours with ease. Diet for running half marathon forms an essential part of runners exercise schedule. Make sure you are not eating anything which might make you lethargic or lowers your energy level.

So finally you have been working hard over the past few months for taking part in half marathon? You have done the best training possible, strenuous exercises, got the best shoes for running and all that is required in a bid to compete in half marathon, but still you don’t succeed.

The reason is- in spite of everything you haven’t taken into account your diet which too plays an important role. If you have well prepared yourself on all counts but forgotten to take diet into consideration chances are that you are going to lose the race. What you eat equally matters in half marathon since it makes you fit and strong enough to take part in the run.

The Basics of Marathon Diet

A healthy balanced diet matters a lot in half marathon since then you are able to take part in the run with renewed vigour, you have energy and strength enough to run for those long miles.

Good diet is said to be critical to your success in half marathon. You need to eat a perfect diet not just before the run but after the run also. Make sure you are eating a healthy and balanced diet which has more of green leafy vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid food which consists of fats and protein meals too need to be avoided at all costs.

You need to build up your endurance which will improve your marathon training. Drink more of sports drink which is helpful in converting fats into energy.

The runners need to include more and more of carbohydrates in their diet which acts as a fuel for your muscles and thereby you can exercise with ease. Try to include foods which are rich in carbohydrates.

Fibers help to reduce the blood cholesterol level and so should be included in the diet which will prevent the gut problems in the runners. Drink plenty amount of water, so as not to let the body become dehydrated.

Diet on the Day of Racing

Try to not eat any of the healthy foods before the running day. You should not eat anything which might cause stomach cramps. You r breakfast should be light enough, avoid oily and spicy food. Don’t go for too much of milky products before the run. Eat more of bread, pasta, oatmeal, wholegrain cereals, honey. If you like you can also eat salad in your breakfast. Don’t experiment with your stomach.

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