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Difference Between Walking Shoes and Running Shoes

Walking and Running Shoes Differences

DEC 7 2010

Walking and running shoes though appear to almost of the same kind but they are different. There is a big difference between walking shoes and running shoes keeping in view their features. Running shoes are said to be lighter, they are more cushioned. But in walking shoes padding is meant to be more flexible and lighter.

There is a big difference between the walking shoes and the running shoes. Basically for long distance walking and for walking very fast people tend to wear the running shoes. Walking shoes can in a way said to be casual shoes which you cannot use for proper running practice or training.

How are Running and Walking Shoes Different

Puma shoes are one such kind of shoes which are said to be the walking shoes. The design and built of the running shoes is said to be quite different from that of the walking shoes. The running shoes are built in a way that they are able to provide enough of support and stability to the runners, that they can run for long miles.

They have comfort as the main aim while with walking shoes style and looks also matters which perhaps might not be the case with the running shoes. Though for regular walking, walking shoes are prescribed but if you want to avoid sprints and blisters then you should go ahead with the running shoes.

Walking shoes are certainly going to have an angled heel so that the foot can strike accordingly. Along with that, walking shoes are said to be quite flexible at the forefoot which ensures that you can walk easily and without your feet getting hurt.

Preferring Running Shoes Over Walking Shoes

Due to fast running by most of the runners, running shoes are said to be quite light weight in running and even in terms of cushioning they are said to be softer and cushioned than the walking shoes. The running shoes are known to be having higher impact than the walking shoes.

Due to all these factors, people mostly prefer to wear running shoes more often than the walking shoes or else a combination of these shoes is also used by a large number of people.

The padding in the walking shoes is said to be lighter and more flexible than that in the running shoes since the feet is known to strike the ground more in case of walking shoes.

A large number of walkers prefer to wear the running shoes since they are having more features and positive aspects than the walking shoes. However the runners should not wear walking shoes for running or else they might suffer from any of the serious injuries or foot problems. The running shoes are known to be having thick heel wedges which is meant for shock absorption. These shoes are also lighter in built than the walking shoes.

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