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Different Sprinting Technique

Best Tips on Sprinting

OCT 12 2009

Is it important to explore various sprinting techniques? The technique you follow should have specific characteristics including bodyweight evenly distributed over four contact points at the initial level itself and explosive push off with both the legs. Your front leg should remain in contact with ground while your back leg readies to swings forward.

Maintain pace through extending your front leg and trunk form straight line smoothly to enjoy towering sprinting techniques.

 Having detailed knowledge about different sprinting techniques provides you opportunity to explore more comprehensive sprinting options.

Don’t take sprinting sportingly. Keep various such techniques handy besides managing them as per need. Swinging arms opposite legs, elbows flex and fists swinging towards forehead are basic rules which you should imply. While you are in action observe specific needs of particular accleration phase. Implement better options in the first two strides. Ensure through close analysis whether your foot touches down in front of center of gravity or not.

Your practice should follow when your forward body lean starts decreasing by the time you reach at normal sprinting position. It happens when you cross nearly 22 yards and give enough chance to your head to remain relaxed. Your eyes should focus upon straight ahead.

Maximum Speed Phase: Usually push-off angle from ground remains at 50-55 in maximum speed phase. Your trunk erects in forward lean for better sprinting experience. When you are in relaxed heeling motion your push-off leg folds tightly towards buttocks so that you enjoy balanced workout. In the meanwhile your front leg thrusts forward and upward at extreme speed levels. It is at this stage that your front thigh reaches at maximum possible knee lift and lower leg swings forward in relaxed move.

The Technique: You long to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experience at certain point of time when your foot reaches at ground with ankle slightly extending under the center of gravity. Balance your bodyweight properly. Do note that your foot balls touches the ground in this phase. You feel comfortable in this experience. Shoulders must be kept steady and elbows can remain flexed. Swing your hands forward above the shoulder height. Keep your arms and hands in aggressively hammering action. Your head must align with trunk wile your facial and neck muscles are relaxed.

Keep your mouth slightly open to ensure better sprinting experience. Remember that performing multiple sets and repetitions of techniques should be avoided. You can sprint 10 meters by merely raising knees at higher than normal level. Have best ground contacts. Concentrate on flicking your heels up to touch butt while sprinting over 10 meters.

These simple but comprehensive options have lots of benefits. The basics of sprinting techniques are great idea to increase speed. Focus upon perfecting different sprinting techniques which bring amazing sporting result.

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