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Distance Running Workouts

Workout Tips for Distance Running

APR 30 2010

Distance running workouts help you to become physically fit enough to take part in long running. You need to make your body enduring enough; training for distance running involves cooling and warming periods, going for hill workouts. Don’t ignore what you are wearing; try to start slowly and then go for running for long hours.

More and more runners want to understand the art of running faster and longer without injuring themselves. In such a scenario understanding how the distance running is done helps to make all the difference. Simply having the right running gear with you is not going to help unless you the various tips and tricks of improving your performance level.

Warming and Cooling Periods

Warming up and cooling down are regarded as two of the most effective techniques with regard to distance running. In order to begin the training, make sure you start with simple and effective exercises like jogging, stretching. This will enable your muscles to get warmed up and your energy level will be enhanced thereby gearing you up for the long distance running. Cooling down requires you to yet again go for light jogging after you have exercised for hours.

This will prevent your muscles from getting stiffed up.

You need to take small breaks in between the running, this will re-energise your body and give time to your wounds to heal up. With time you need to increase your running time and thus prepare for running 5K, 10 K and marathon.
You also need to change your workout style after every few weeks, since the body become accustomed to just one type of workout and thus you may not be able to get the same benefits from it. Working on your endurance level is a must. Try to work on it by running slowly for longer hours. Avoid doing workouts which are hard by nature for at least three months if you are a beginner in running.

Hill Workouts are Essential

Hill workouts are helpful in making the body endure for longer runs. Repeat running on the hills and then coming down and then moving up. This is said to be similar to weightlifting for runners. Try to find a hill nearby your locality where you can run often. But just like another running workout, you need to begin slowly with the hill workout as well.

What you wear is equally important in the workouts. Make sure you are wearing a comfortable T shirt which is breathable and not too tight. Give ample time in searching for the right type of running shoes, since you have to run for long hours, you need to invest in good running shoes. Keep a water bottle always with you.

Make it a point to run in areas where there is little or no traffic. This will enable you to concentrate more on your running and also keep a track of your mileage.

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