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Does Walking Help You Lose Weight

Is Walking Helps to Lose Weight

JAN 19 2010

A number of people are still curious to know- does walking help to lose weight? Well the answer is yes. You can definitely lose weight by walking. But it depends upon the kind of walk you do; a mere slow and small walk won’t be producing the desired results. But you need to be completely sincere in doing so.

All those who want to stay fit regard walking as one of the best exercises. It helps in losing weight and thereby keeps you fit also. All those who want to maintain a perfect shape, for them walking is a viable option. Walking is actually one of the easiest ways to lose weight and you probably don’t have to do anything else apart from this.

How to Walk to lose Weight

You can break your walking routine in two halves- 20 minutes before having a breakfast and 30 minutes after you have taken the dinner. And yes the result will be evident only after a few months so don’t stop just after a few weeks if you don’t lose any weight. If you suffer from time constraint then the best option for you is to walk for at least 5 minutes after every one hour of your work. This will keep you even more relaxed also. Your aim should be to walk 10,000 steps daily.

Walking and Diet

But always remember that walking alone won’t help if you don’t cut out on the extra food-junk food especially. So you need to be aware of what you are eating. Basically walking and food goes together if you want your efforts to produce the desired results. If you continue to live on calorie junk food then surely you cannot lose weight. If you depend more and more on fruits and vegetables then you will see more pounds dropping.

Benefits of Walking

Another great advantage of walking is that it tones your legs and midsection and so is a great workout. You can easily burn 100 calories for every mile you walk. Further no kind of equipment is required. You can simply go out in the early morning on the road or walk in the park. The fresh air makes your day a wonder day. Along with that you will be able to increase your metabolism and also start to develop more muscle mass. The positive effect of this will be that it will help you to burn calories throughout the day even when you are not working.

If you feel hungry then the best thing is to go for a short walk. Since exercise along with walking causes the body to release endorphins that not only makes you feel good but also reduces your food cravings. You need to start slowly by walking only for a few minutes per day and then increasing it day by day. In this way your body will also become more accustomed to the new routine.

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