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Donate Old Running Shoes

Where to Donate Old Running Shoes

OCT 1 2010

It is usual phenomenon for runners to keep buying new running shoes. When they do so old one must be brought for good use. Best option is to donate them to needy people. It is an important means to ensure old running shoes are used properly. Poorer section of the society is helped to maximum extent. Such attempts also indicate how committed we can be towards overall growth of society and its system.

There are many organizations that exclusively work for resolving recycling issues – and to assure that old running shoes are properly used. Most possible guidance they give to runners about disposing off old shoes is to either dispose off and or to use them for a social cause. Perhaps it is a worth noticeable attempt for an individual to donate these old running shoes. Society has millions of people who can’t even afford to buy a pair of shoes. If they are supported they are encouraged to find meaning in desperate lives.


There can be two ways to manage this donation activity. A runner can individually donate the old running shoes and or consult some organizations working on that to take the shoes and ensure that they are given to the needy people. Both options are good but the later one is well organized. Several organizations perform the role of collecting such old running shoes from the individual athletes and then donate them to the needy. These teams do committed duty and ensure everything they do is well recorded. Such initiatives are so transparent that professional runners get attracted to their missionary zeal and think no more while gifting old running shoes for this purpose.

Support the Needy:

Of course keeping vigilance on the donating team would prove helpful for chasing whether the genuine person gets these items or not. Supporting the needy should be main focus of such types of donations. While doing so a donating team works like a medium between the runners who donate their old running shoes and the needy that need to be supported through being gifted such pairs of shoes so that at least some level of improvement is dreamed of in their lifestyle.

Runners should take special interest in the genuine and worthy organizations while donating shoes. Gifted items must reach to the needy people at the right juncture. It is the responsibility of professional runners to ensure and cross verify credentials of organizations that work for donating old running shoes. Universal approach is followed in a donation deed and the organizations encourage all runners from around the glob to become part of this mission and ensure that they work for the betterment of the global society through making small contribution like disposing off their old running shoes for a genuine use.

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