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Downhill Mountain Biking Tips

Tips for Downhill Mountain Biking

JUN 21 2010

There are a number of things to keep in mind in downhill mountain biking like the grip you need to keep on your bike, the brakes and the speed which you need to maintain all around the way. Downhill mountain biking tips are important to be known by all the bike riders.

Stepping downhill is indeed a difficult task for the beginner riders, who find it really scary to downhill. The best thing in such a case is to know the proper way and steps of going downhill in the absence of which there are possibilities that the rider might suffer from any mishap or succumb to injury. So getting training is the most essential step in this case.

Tips for Downhill Biking

Practise is the first step towards downhill mountain biking. You need to begin the practice from small and low lying hills in order to become acquainted to your bike and the riding style. You need to develop the habit of ‘fluttering’ your brake that is lightly pressing it down. You need to be comfortable in your bike, make sure that your bike is in working order and is moving properly. Keep your legs and arms also in a relaxing position rather than holding them in a stiff position since you have to sit on the bike for long hours. You have to sit in a way that all your weight falls on the seat and not on the pedals. Stay away from the jolts. On the steep hills try to keep your weight on the back rather than on the front.

Keep a control on your speed, when you move over the uneven and rocky hills, this is important so that you do not lose control over your speed. Keep your butt above the rear tyre. Try to keep a grip on your handlebar so as not to get dis-balanced in the midst of riding. But make sure you tighten the grip once you reach anything which is sloppy or bumpy. Use your index finger for putting brakes, and you can use your middle finger also when you have to use more power or to get a firm grip.

Mistakes You need to Avoid

Don’t commit the mistake of locking your brakes. You should never be a wanderer when you are moving downhill; you need to be alert and awake. This holds the key. Always make it a point to keep looking in front of the road so as to avoid any obstacle or block on the road. Don’t let nervousness creeps in once you speed up the ride and let the bike take its own course; you just have to maintain a proper grip.

Technically, you have to keep your upper body in a relaxed position, so that whenever an obstacle approaches, you are in a better position to face it. Maintain a momentum and a balance as you run downhill.

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