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Duathlon Training Tips

Going for Duathlon Training

JUN 28 2010

If going for duathlon training there are a number of important things to be taken into account, this involves wearing proper running shoes, along with helmet when you ride the bike. Duathlon training tips will help you analyse where you are going wrong in the training. You should effectively workout for 5 days a week.

Duathlon training involves running and biking. In duathlon training you start with running, then do biking and at the end run again. It appears as a transition between running and biking. Duathlon is perfect for the athletes since it keeps you perfectly fit and healthy. Those who intend to go for duathlon have to go for training since without training it is not possible to do the same as well as emerge victorious.

Tips for Duathlon

The timing of the race begins when you start the race and it will be completed when you cross the finish line. Therefore the time taken between switching from biking to running too is included.

For the beginners, it is important to know what things they have to have with them when they go for duathlon. Shoes are the most important aspect. You need to have the best running shoes for yourself when you go for training, since a low quality shoe may spoil the run. Make sure you are having durable and stable shoes.

You also need to have a good helmet when you start riding the bike. You should wear the helmet before you have started riding the bike. Along with that, you should also give race to the bike before the race begins. Check the bike is having the fuel. It is upto to check that the bike is functioning properly, check its brakes also.

Start training at least six months before the duathlon. You need to train especially if you are going to run on the hilly course, since the track is uneven so you should be more careful.

How to Train for Duathlon

You need to build up the endurance level before you begin the race. Reading books on duathlon too might be helpful to you in knowing the details of the duathlon.

Be prepared for getting hurt, since injuries are a part of every duathlon if proper exercise and bike is not there. So, always be ready to get injuries though you need to avoid them at all costs.

Try to meet and take advice from those people who have already taken part in the duathlon. Those triathletes who are taking part in the duathlon for the first time should not feel upset and must try to do some specific duathlon workouts. You need to race a lot before the final day. Doing speedy workouts goes well for duathlon. Try to work out for at least five days a week, this will make you adapted to the duathlon training programme.

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Found this and another daily training guide for Duathalon. Printed the daily prep schedule. Hope you are feeling better as the day wears on. VMan

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