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Ears Hurt After Running

Ear Pain from Running

MAY 6 2010

Running and ear pain are said to be somewhat related to each other. This problem is faced by the runners especially in the colder regions. Ears hurt after running when the blood vessels contract, the supply of blood flow gets reduced and the oxygen moves to the sensitive ears, thereby leading to pain.

Most of the runners have this common problem of suffering from ear pain when they run for over a considerable longer period of time. This is all the more evident in the cold season. Ears are said to be one of the most sensitive part of human body, thus if you are living at high altitudes, then probably you tend to suffer from ear pain more often than the runners who reside in the plain.

Factors Responsible for Ear Pain

Chilly winter winds can also cause ear ache. So if you are running when the harsh wind blows then you may suffer from the ear pain. In such a scenario, it is quite essential for you to cover your ears with a warm cap, so that winds don’t affect the ears. Sometimes, there also occurs tightening of the ear muscles, if the bones are not properly aligned. This will be lead to the constricting of the blood vessels; due to the reduction of the blood flow the oxygen may pass on to the sensitive ears and thereby headache, pain may occur.

Tensor tympani are the muscles present in the ear which are able to keep the ear drum tight, during the cold season, these too may get affected just like any other sensitive body part.

Consulting a good doctor is the most important requirement rather than trying remedies at home all by yourself, since ear is a sensitive organ and in the absence of proper care the problem tends to get aggravated further.
While running, there are possibilities that you may catch cold, which in the long run may affect the ears also. This happens when the cold or any other allergy affects the eustachian tubes which are responsible for connecting the middle ear to the back of the throat. When you suffer from cold or allergy, the tube may get swollen up and thereby gets closed, this leads to not just severe cough but also pain in the ear.

Precaution to take while Running

The most essential thing in such a case apart from getting the proper treatment is to change your running habits. If you have been running outdoors in the winter months when the winds are harsh, you need to simply start running indoors on the treadmill. Working on a treadmill also produces the same effect as running outdoors. In case you don’t have a treadmill then it is better to go out fully covered, not just your ears, but also your half of your face should be covered so as to prevent the winds from reaching your body. If small precautions are taken you can prevent the ear pain.

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