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Eco Friendly Running Shoe

What is an Eco Friendly Running Shoe

AUG 7 2008

Many shoe companies are getting serious about developing an eco friendly running shoe that will deliver. Other companies that have not yet joined the eco friendly running shoe fan base still doubt its durability and performance.

Any shoe company claims for durability are often contested. Many company researches say that a large percentage of recycled materials on running shoes will definitely lessen stability and durability.

Outdoor, Inc. will come out with an eco friendly running shoe product line. They plan to produce environmental friendly running shoes that possess durability. Their shoes also will focus on the necessities; they will do away with negligible, useless, and excessive shoe features and materials. For one, the use of foam materials and plasticized applique has been lessened. Recycled plastic containers, corks, and bamboo are some of the environmental friendly shoe materials used in production.

Come first week of August, END will start selling hiking running shoes and trail running shoes in limited numbers. Eco friendly running shoes will be available online and in stores and promises to sell at affordable prices.

Many companies have been experimenting and using recycled materials. Simple Shoes would be one of these companies. The company has incorporated the use organic cotton and recycled plastic containers into its various shoe product items. However, the products do not include running shoes. Nike, on the other hand, has started employing recyclable materials into its running shoe lines. Recycled parts are used minimally. The company has also lessened its use of toxic adhesives.

Terra Plana is a British shoe company that also has its own eco-friendly shoe line. The company has been producing eco friendly shoes since the year 2001. They started with the use of recycled Pakistani quilts and rubber. For dyeing, they use vegetable on their leathers. The company has had huge success in its eco friendly shoe line. In 2004, the company has introduced Worn Again. Worn Again produces training shoes made from recyclable materials as well. Shoe design and development were so appealing that sales were very profitable.

Brooks is another shoe brand that now makes environmental friendly running shoes. Joggers that are conscious about preserving the environment will easily find eco-friendly shoes from Brooks that are to their liking. For materials, the company for one opts to use silicon in stead of petroleum. Shoe products are affordable and the designs look good.

Brooks Cascadia2 and BioMoGo are some examples of the company’s eco friendly shoe lines. With BioMogo, an organic material is added that hastens break down. With this added component, expect your discarded running shoes to biodegrade within twenty years.

There are other companies that have an eco-friendly running shoe line. If you’re interested in making a purchase, simply visit any shoe store or sports stores. You may want to drop by a specialized running shoe store for good recommendations. You may also search for stores online. Many other sites also give good tips and reviews on various eco friendly shoe products.

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