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Effects of Running a Marathon

What are the Effects of Running a Marathon

MAR 5 2011

According to the health experts and fitness gurus around the world, running is a kind of fabulous workout that is very good to condition your body. If you are the type of person who hates flabs and cellulites, this is also the number one remedy. If you would like to discover more benefits of running a marathon, this article is the most ideal one that you can read.

Running has become one of the most popular ways on how to improve one’s lifestyle today and to keep it healthy. If you would like to mull over on the best running marathon effects, you need to internalize the succeeding paragraphs.

Discover the Effects of Running a Marathon

It is considered that the best benefit of the marathon is in the muscular system because it tones the muscles and gives shape to them as well. If you are involved in some kind of weight loss program, this is the right one you need to experience because it will not just exercise the part of the body you want but the entire body. Each minute that you perform running, lots of calories are burned in your body. In accordance with a research, for a total of 100 miles which you have run, you will be having the chance to burn 100 calories. Just imagine if you would lose that calorie amount in your body. You will surely not want to quit running a marathon again.

Aside from that, it is also proven to be an effective way for you to overcome your aging problems thus, making you look younger. Isn’t that amazing? Studies prove that those people who run on a regular basis do not face bone or muscle loss as compared to their counterparts. By simply making running as a routine, your human growth hormone will be promoted.

Since there are several diseases that are just springing up today like hypertension, diabetes, heart stroke and breast cancer you never know whom the next victim is. So, to avoid that you need to remember the golden rule in health terms which is prevention is better than cure. One of the proven ways to prevent all of these diseases is simply by running. Yes! Did you know that this is also advised for those patients who have diagnosed with the diseases mentioned above?

One of the muscles in the body that experiences the great effect of running is the heart because running promotes cardiovascular endurance. This means that the blood pressure is lowered and the heart is strengthened thus, reducing heart attack risk and maintaining arteries elasticity.

After knowing the physiological benefits, let us no proceed to the psychological effects it has in store for everyone. This gives the person a confident feeling as the mind s refreshed.

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