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Elliptical Machine Cost

Cost of an Elliptical Machine

MAY 10 2010

Cost of elliptical trainers varies from one elliptical to another. There are a number of factors responsible for the same. It depends upon the stride length, features and durability of the machines. Some trainers come with features like heart rate monitor, MP3 adaptor. You need to make a detailed survey before you buy one.

Are you pondering that how much does an elliptical machine costs? Elliptical machines are one of the most favourite exercise equipments which are used by those intending to keep themselves fit. The positive aspect of these machines is that they can be kept anywhere in the house, as they do not occupy much space. These machines are gaining popularity owing to their features and they are known to provide exactly the same benefits as running. These machines are available in different prices and you can choose one of them depending upon your budget.

Features of Elliptical Machines

The most durable models of elliptical machines start at the cost of around $2000. In fact, the cost of these machines is driven by three key factors which includes- durability, stride length and features it provides. So when you intend to buy one, make it a point to get it checked in the store itself so as to know its durability and stride length. There are a number of models which may be available from $300-$1000 but they are said to be less durable. You need to check the height of the machine, whether it is capable of adjusting itself to weight resistance, the intensity- all these factors need to be checked before buying the machine.

If you intend to buy gym quality models then you would be offered features like MP3 adaptors, heart rate monitors, calories burning counter. But the price of the elliptical will vary depending upon these features.

Kettler Mondeo Elliptical Trainer- This is the latest model which is available from Kettler. In terms of quality it is said to be one of the best elliptical, it comes with a dynamic structure and a perfect finish.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer- This is available at cost starting from $1499. They are known to provide an effective cardio vascular workout and help in upper and lower body movement and thereby ensure flexibility of the muscles. It provides the perfect coordination of the arm and feet muscles.

Tunturi C35 Elliptical Trainer- It offers a free polar heart rate monitor at a discount. The trainer comes with a number of key features like stop watch, Manual Target Heart Rate Zone and many more such essential features. It is available at price ranging from $579-$990.

Multisports Elliptix Ect 3000 Elliptical Trainer- It is an economy elliptical trainer and is helpful in monitoring your heart rate. It is able to provide the low impact workout thus your knees, ankles won’t be hurt.
It is important that you make a detailed survey of various elliptical machines in order to know which one is the best for you.

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