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Elliptical Machine vs Treadmill

Comparing Elliptical with Treadmill

FEB 3 2010

Read some information about Elliptical Machine vs. Treadmill can actually help you make a decision on which equipment to buy. Although the two machines is usually the same in mechanics, it is a good idea to ask yourself few questions that would let you know which equipment is ideal for you.

There are a lot of equipments out there for people who want to lose weight. The most popular ones are treadmill and elliptical. Although treadmills are considered as the most common one, elliptical machines are making its way to the homes of a lot of people. These two equipments are often compared to each other because they are somewhat similar on the target areas and mechanical components. If you are planning to invest on one, it is best to some differences between elliptical machine and treadmill in order to determine which one is best for you.

Which can provide more impact?

Elliptical machines are impact free compared to treadmill. Joints on the lower body is not strained at all because there in no impact on the ground when using elliptical as compared to doing some running or walking to a treadmill. For those who love to run or jog, they might prefer a serious workout experience using the treadmill. When thinking which one is the best, consider how you will use it. If you are training for marathon or other event, if you want a more realistic practice, treadmill is a good choice.

Which can give more cardio workout?

Elliptical trainer can actually provide a good cardiovascular workout with little efficiency. It can provide a total body workout compared to treadmills that is just focused on the lower body. Based on studies, those who are using elliptical machine burn the same calories compared to treadmill users although it may seem that is an effortless workout. The low impact nature of elliptical trainers is the reason why elders, people with knee problems and physical rehabilitation process prefers this.

Which can provide variety?

Look into the variety of workouts the machine does. Treadmill can only be adjusted in incline and speed. With elliptical machines, not only it inclines or is intensified, the dual action handles bars can provide variety to the upper body. It also has foot pedal features that can forward or reverse. Reverse motion can define quadriceps muscles which quite difficult to achieve when using treadmill.

Which can fit the budget?

Price is one of the main points to consider when comparing treadmills and elliptical machines. Quality treadmill cost a thousand bucks while elliptical trainer is much lower. Elliptical trainers are less expensive but it has the same workout quality provided by treadmills.

Overall if you want a run for your money, elliptical trainers are a great choice. Although both of the machines provide great cardio workouts, in the long run your choice is based on personal preference.

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