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Elliptical Workouts to Lose Weight

Lose Weight with Elliptical Workouts

JUN 3 2010

Elliptical workouts to lose weight is one of the most effective ways, keeping in view the efficacy of these machines they are being used by most of the people and hence becoming popular in the recent years. You can lose weight with elliptical workouts in shortest possible times. It is also helpful to keep you fit and healthy.

Elliptical machines help you to lose weight effectively and within a faster period of time than you would be able to lose by running or walking. Moreover they are much in demand since you need not have to go out of the house in harsh or extreme weather conditions, rather you can lose weight by simply staying at home itself. So it saves you from rain or fog, and snow.

Benefits of Elliptical Machines

A positive feature of these elliptical workouts is that they are easy to use and help to give you a complete cardiovascular workout without affecting your joints. Thus people suffering from joint pain or arthritis too can use the elliptical machines effectively which in fact is not the case with the treadmill, it can therefore be said that the elliptical machines occupy an edge over the treadmill in this regard. Elliptical machines do not cause any adverse effect on the joints, legs, or on the back and so you can easily use the same.

These provide a full body workout which also plays a role in burning calories, and there by gives you a well toned body. There are a number of types of elliptical exercises which you can opt for as per your requirements. They are complete machines in themselves, and hence you won’t have to need any other resource for losing weight.

How Elliptical Machines Helps to Lose Weight

If losing weight is your aim then you need to perform the workout at least 4 times a week and that too 30-45 minutes only then you will be able to reduce fat quickly. You need to maintain a good pace with high intensity workouts. But this will also depend upon your fitness level also. If your elliptical machine has incline setting then this will serve the best purpose for losing weight, you can even try to go for reverse motion which too is helpful.

Elliptical machines offer various workout programmes for you, these may vary from person to person. These include endurance workouts, fat burning regimens, rolling hill simulations. You have to be specific as to which one you want.
You need to work on the machines cautiously, maintain a proper body posture, keep your shoulders and neck in a relaxed position. Don’t hold excessive tension on your neck, arms, shoulders and back. Also keep a heart rate monitor with you when you are exercising. This too will ensure that you are healthy and fit for the exercise. Try not to eat anything at least after half an hour of exercise.

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