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Exercise Bike vs Elliptical

Comparing Exercise Bike with Elliptical

FEB 18 2010

It is important to compare exercise bike with elliptical since both have their own advantages and disadvantages. These depend upon the price range, the durability, the functions they are performing and also the quality of workout they are able to provide.

You need to know which one will best suit your programme.

Stationary bikes meant for exercise have been there for long but now all those who are looking for a strenuous workout are more and more relying on elliptical machines. Some regard working on the bike as boring without much interest. While on the other hand, you can enjoy your exercise on the elliptical.

Why Bikes are Popular

Bikes are very much in demand mainly because – they are good for those which suffer from joint problem and hence intend to do only a low level workout without putting too much pressure on the joints. The bikes are able to minimise the pressure on knees, joints and ankles. Stationary bikes are able to burn more amount of fat and are fit for those who want a strenuous workout. The good feature is that these bikes occupy a lesser space than the elliptical machines and hence are most preferred to be used at home. With regard to pricing as well, they are less expensive and hence within the reach of those who want to buy something in a low budget.

On the negative side, you can experience excruciating pain after working continuously for more than an hour on the bike. So you would be in need of gel cushions when you sit on these. If you haven’t adjusted the bike properly then you are likely to suffer from knee injury.

Elliptical Machine Benefits

After working for even half an hour you can feel the difference. The cardio benefits of an elliptical trainer are for greater than the exercise bike as it keeps a track of your heart rate. Since these elliptical have different modes for different workouts, so you can choose as per your need. You can also adjust the high intensity or low intensity workout in a way as you wish to work. Elliptical is meant for you if you are more interested in cardio exercises rather than weight training. It also has a limited range of motion and so you may not consider the workout as a completely natural process. Elliptical are also able to burn out more calories than the bikes and hence are more preferred as they involve your entire body.

However if you are interested in watching TV while working out then surely stationary bike is meant for you since they create less noise, the movements are more controlled. On the other hand, these bikes are more compact and are less likely to break down than the elliptical machines.

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