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Exercise before Running

Best Exercises to do before Running

MAR 4 2011

Running and exercise are considered to be associated with each other, you need to exercise a bit before you move on at a full pace. This way your body will become stretchable and flexible as well. In fact exercise before running ensures that your body is fully warmed up for the bigger task of running long distance.

Runners can follow a number of exercises before running as well. Usually it is recommended that exercises need to be performed at the time when the intensity is quite high, when you are having lots of energy as well as when you focus the more on your exercise routine. If you are performing exercises when your energy level is very low then there are chances that you might get an injury or exercises might not be of much use to you.

Exercises Options for Runners

Most of the athletes prefer to do cardio and weight training exercises not different days so that the two remain separate in their own ways. Yet another option is available with the runners and that is to do the endurance and strength training at one and the same time.

This will in fact give your body full training as well as workout. This too is considered to be quite effective for the body. Whether you should do exercises before running also depends as to what your goal is- whether it is to gain strength or to build endurance level.

Exercise before Running

A little bit of exercise before running will keep your body fit at the time of running. Thus it is recommended that you should do a little warm up exercises before running. When you wake up in the early morning hours your body is quite passive and immediately running will not be good for your body. Thus a little warm up is said to be good for your body, which will make your heart work well and thereby prepare you for the running. Those who wish to run for longer distances should simply not forget about the warm up.

Stretching is yet another which needs to be done before running as it is known to increase blood flow to the muscles of your body. This is also known to make your body more and more flexible. But care should be taken that your stretching should not be done too much as it may harm your body. It is known to damage the muscles.

Apart from the exercises your diet too plays a major role in your running routine. You should take a water bottle when you go for running. Always keep your body dehydrated. Stop running if you are running out of breath. It is not just running which is important but your overall body composition which too matters a lot.

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