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Exercises to Increase Running Speed

Exercises to do for Increasing Running Speed

DEC 22 2010

Running speed workouts if done on a daily basis will help you to increase your running speed within a short period of time but you have to be consistent in doing so. There are a number of exercises to increase running like running drills, hip joint extension, lunge and many more.

Almost every runner wants to increase his speed. The real enjoyment from running comes once you are able to run in speed. However it is not easy to increase your running speed in a day or two. It may take months before you can increase your speed. There are a number of people who might give up just in the midst of running because of their inability to run at a fast speed.

Exercises help increase running

Years of researches in this field have brought forth an interesting finding that sprinters and long distance runners can increase their speed if they follow certain exercises. These exercises if followed in a regular manner will help you a lot because through these exercises you can increase not just your speed but it will also help to build up your endurance and strength also. Your muscles will gain strength and flexibility will also come in your body.

While running you need to extend your ankle joint which will increase your push off. You need to keep you knee slightly bent since if you keep your leg it will not lead to any increase in your speed, rather it will be a wasteful attempt on your part.

Types of running exercises

Running drills is said to be yet another effective exercise to help you increase your speed. For this you have to do skipping, arm swinging will generate better lifts. Basketball slides are also effective. Make sure your knees are not bent when you go for this. You should also practice stiff legged running which is said to be very effective in helping you get a fast speed.

When you go for long distance run, keep an interval of 30 seconds as rest periods. Speed session workouts are also necessary.

Raising your heels will also help you a lot. Under the balls of your feet, keep a tubing and with the assistance of someone try to stand on your balls feet. Try to rise up and stand in the same position for a few seconds.

Hip joint extension also work wonders for runners who are interested in getting their speed increase. Repeat this extensions for 10 times and try to balance yourself. Doing this will produce good results.

Practising your running on a daily basis is a must and hence this needs to be accompanied by your speed workout sessions. Try to get a good coach for this as this is certainly going to help you in increasing the same.

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