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Feet Hurt After Running

Cure Feet Hurting from Running

MAY 14 2010

In order to prevent hurting feet after running, you need to wear the right kind of shoes, which fits your feet and are not too tight. Wear good quality shoes. Feet hurt after running if the shoes are not proper, or if you are putting too much pressure on your feet at the time of running.

When the runners begin their running programme, there are often complaints of getting their feet hurt after running. The basic factor responsible for getting the feet hurt is the use of wrong shoes for your feet. Most often, runners wear low quality running shoes which are neither durable nor stable and thus end up hurting their feet.

Your Shoes Matter a Lot for Running

You need to know that running requires proper and quality shoes or else feet pain, soreness, and various other problems keep cropping up now and then. Many times people are not aware of their foot type and thus wear shoes which may not be good for their feet type, especially those who have high arches or whose feet pronate more than normal. So make sure that you wear shoes which fit your feet well as per you feet shape.

When you go to buy the shoes, you should never compromise on the quality of the shoes. If you have no idea take a friend with you or else ask the shoe store keeper, he will give you proper guidelines. Also, wear the shoe in the store and see if it fits you. If it is too tight or loose don’t buy the same. If possible get your gait analysed by a shoe expert and then buy proper shoes.

Where you run too matters a lot. If you most often run on uneven pavements or rough surfaces then surely you will suffer from foot pain. So, make sure you are running on softer surfaces. Running on the treadmill without proper foot movements too might cause foot pain when excessive pressure is exerted. So watch out your foot movements.

How to Prevent Foot Pain

Don’t exert unnecessary pressure on the balls of your feet that too might be a reason for pain. If the shoes you wear make your feet sore, then change them immediately. You should also avoid high impact exercises which exert extra pressure on your feet.

It is very much essential that you lose weight. Since the heavier you are the greater the pressure it will put on your feet. Give time to your feet to rest often. Taking a break in between the running is essential. Don’t run seven days a week rather make it a point to have rest days in between. This will help your feet a lot. You can also put ice on your feet, at the place it is paining or swelling. This is an effective home remedy.

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