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Flat Soled Running Shoes

Best Flat Soled Running Shoes

MAY 10 2011

There are various types of flat soled running shoes, some of these includes Saucony ProGrid Kinvara, Women’s Saucony Grip Type A4, Nike Structure Triax +3. The essential feature of these flat soled running shoes is that they are flexible and stable, they need to be as straight as possible in terms of shape. The heel cup also needs to be firm.

When it comes to buying running shoes there is a host of shoes which are available but what needs to be taken into consideration is that these shoes should match your foot type.

Before buying the shoes, make sure you have got your foot analysed to check whether you are a pronator, underpronator or overpronator.

Mens’ flat Sole Shoes:

  • These are immensely popular and comfortable running shoes which are meant for men.
  • The upper of these shoes is made of genuine leather and so is the lining.
  • These are available in two colours: black and brown.
  • The outer marterial is made of PU.

Saucony ProGrid Kinvara:

  • These are known to be minimalist running shoes which are meant for flat feet runners.
  • They are light weight running shoes.
  • These can be easily used by the runners who are midfoot and forefoot runners.

Women’s Saucony Grip Type A4:

  • These are meant for women runners.
  • An interesting feature is the presence of drainage in the outsole of these shoes.
  • They are quite expensive kind of running shoes.

Nike Structure Triax +3:

  • These have been duly awarded by the runners world and hence their importance can be gauged.
  • These are primarily stability running shoes.
  • In terms of flexibility too they work well.
  • In order to ensure a custom feet these shoes are equipped with Fitsole Sock Liner.
  • They also consist of pronation reduction features.

Mizuno Wave Nexus 4:

  • These have the credit of getting the “best buy” award.
  • These are high in terms of stability.
  • These shoes are primarily build for those runners who are of medium built.
  • They are said to be one of the best in terms of trainer shoes which are meant for the runners.
  • Owing to the presence of Solid rubber forefoot technology in these shoes, they are known to be extra durable running shoes.
  • They are also equipped with extra padded collar tongue which makes them all the more worth buying.
  • These shoes are available at a price range of around $85.

When you are buying shoes for flat feet runners, there are some essential features which you need to take into account like the shoe construction, the heel cup needs to be firm. The shoes need to be straight in terms of the shape. 

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