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Flora London Marathon

London Marathon Course Details

SEP 19 2008

Since 1981, the Flora London Marathon or London Marathon has been going on. It usually happens during the month of April. It is considered to be in the list of the top international marathon that covers the traditional distance of 26 miles and 385 yards.

This event is considered to be a large sports festival and one of highest in terms of number of participants.

It is the second biggest race next to the Great North Run in United Kingdom. One of the best things about this marathon is that it gets the highest amount of money being raised for charity that is compared to other running events. As of today, it is now considered to be the biggest yearly fund raising event in the world. It is part of the World Marathon Majors. Included in the list are Boston, Chicago, and New York Marathons.

When running in London Marathon, you will be treated with the London finest landmarks while facing the challenge of running the race. There are almost 30,000 participants yearly that brave through the streets of London to battle out in this historic marathon. Running enthusiasts, competing athletes and charity runners keep the course very much alive. Bands and cheering crowds give life to the sidelines. This race is considered the biggest of all city marathons that attracts world athletes. London Marathon starts at Greenwich Park and Black heath passing through Surrey Quays, Brunel Rd and Tooley St. It passes through several tourist attractions like Tower of London, Canary Wharf, Parliament Square and a lot more. You will be delighted that some runners are dressed up in some novelty costumes. This whole event is being covered by BBC and there are 5 million viewers.

Chris Brasher, a former Olympic champion was the first one to bring marathon in London in 1979. He got the idea from the New York Marathon where he competed. He related to a British paper his experience in the race and the intent of London hosting something like that. He spearheaded everything even getting ideas from New York and Boston Marathon. He first got sponsorship from Gillette and setting down aims for the future. One of this is to replicate the success that happened in New York and also giving UK a chance to organize this kind of event.

The London Marathon was first held in March 29th 1981. There are 20,000 people who applied. There are 7000 people who started at the Blackheath Common and Greenwich Park then there are only almost 6000 that made it at the Constitution Hill finish line. Every year, the size of the participants is going bigger.

On its 25th year last 2005; there was a big change in the course of the race. It was rerouted to avoid that Tower of London which has cobbles and twisted roads. This gave relief to some participants because it cut a few seconds in their official time. The London Marathon is truly a great success when it comes to fund raising and charity events. There are some many organizations joining in order to support their causes. Up to date it has raised over 200 million.

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