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Foot Pain While Walking

Why Your Foot Pain While Walking

JAN 13 2010

Unfit walking shoes create complications particularly foot pain. When pain turns severe walkers can’t even continue walking. Although foot problems are plenty like problem in heels, toes, nerves, tendons, ligaments and joints foot pain in walks makes life miserable. It is necessary to consult doctor for immediate solution of such pains. Fitting and arched shoes prevent irritation in foot joints and skin.

Walking programs become successful only when there is least complication involved in them. If there is pain in foot walkers can’t enjoy walking and will not concentrate in them. At times foot pain occurs due to stress or inflammation in plantar fascia which causes pulling of foot bones. Doctors suggest rest and medication for early and easy recovery from it which relieves walkers as they prevent heels from getting spurred.

Some Facts:

Overworked walking programs too can cause foot pain. As foot absorb nearly 1,000 pounds of force in one day possibility of pain becomes high. Situation worsen further when we mistreat with foot by avoiding rest, standing for longer hours and continue walking unless pain peaks. Ultimately pain increases and become unbearable after sometime. It may also become uncontrollable if not taken care of on time. Walking on hard and unyielding surfaces or wearing fashionable but uncomfortable shoes too may cause foot pain.

Major Causes:

Walkers should be aware of possible causes of foot pain in their walking programs. Heel spurs are one of the causes in which outgrowth of bone occurs and create stress in foot. Inflammation in plantar fascia is common in these conditions. Likewise neuroma is another cause in which pinched nerve of foot pains particularly between third and fourth toes of foot. Here too poorly fitting shoes are major causal factors for these symptoms.

Other causes of foot pain are tendonitis, stress fracture, ankle sprains, bunions, hammertoe and ingrown toenail amongst others. Walkers must take special care of foot by ensuring that none of the above mentioned symptoms have occurred.

Vulnerability to Pain:

Peculiarity of foot lies in its structure which is highly complicated. Our foot consists of 26 bones and they are connected through several joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Foot pain remains common symptom in walkers due to increased stress level in constant walks. Foot may also become susceptible to many stresses. Foot pain brings inflammation and injury in foot which ultimately limit movement and mobility of walkers who can’t walk properly until not diagnosed.

Treatments of Foot Pain:

One can’t leave foot pain untreated. These pains literally paralyze walkers who are forced to stop walking until not cured completely. Both therapeutic and conventional treatments are available that relieve foot pain. Fitting footwear keeps walkers safe from pain.

These are best options for joint support too. Similarly steroid injections are great help for this purpose. They control foot inflammation. In some cases surgery is also advised but they are applied in the advanced cases.

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