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Gear for Running in Rain

What to Wear When it is Dark and Gloomy for a Run

JUN 12 2008

You might have found yourself billed to run and the weather looks like it will pour down torrents on you. However, you donít get the day off regardless of weather. What do you need to prepare for this contingency?

This article will guide you through that, by giving you tips and pointers on what to wear on a rainy day run.

What gear does one need to run in the rain? Of course, aside from running shoes, there are other things that you are required to wear during these running connections. You will find these items below in the next two sections.

Keep the Rain away From Your Body

To insulate your body from the cold, your gear needs to include two layers of clothing for your rain run. The first layer, the one closest to your skin, should be able to keep water and sweat away. These include materials such as polypropylene or CoolMax. The outer clothing can either be a windbreaker or any other water and wind resisting material.

A common misconception among runners is that a waterproof rain slicker will keep you from getting wet in the rain water. The truth is this material will suffocate you because both moisture and heat will not be able to escape from your body. Also, most runners would tend to overdress and wear a lot of layers. This is terribly wrong because, unless if the clothing are waterproof, youíd end up lugging heavy and wet articles of clothing while running.

Running with rain slapping on your face is uncomfortable. You should wear a hat, preferably ones that have a brim in order to avoid this feeling.

Wear Clothes That Help Make You Seen

Running in the rain is not only dangerous because of wet and slippery roads, but also because of low visibility. Oncoming vehicles may not see you coming, and you may get side-swept by approaching vehicles. Wear visibility gear. Essentially, these are clothing that is light-colored or have strips that reflect available light.

Here are examples of visibility gear:
  • Glo Gloves
    These gloves are fitted with reflective triangles that are placed on the palm and back of the hand. You can use these gloves to signal to traffic like when youíre crossing the street.
  • LED Running Hat
    Something that people thought did not exist, but actually they do. It is simply a hat that has an ultra-bright headlamp built into it. The headlight is surprisingly of light-weight, like itís not there at all. Ideal for running in dusk, dawn and other poorly lit conditions.
  • Reflective Vest
    A vest that is simply made with reflective material. It has strips in the front and back sides of it, so you are covered both behind you and in front of you. Made of mesh material, the vest is cool and lightweight, and very comfortable for running.
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