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Gifts for Marathon Runners

Choosing Gifts for Marathon Runners

DEC 20 2009

Gifts for Marathon runners require much of thought and ideas. Of course you will be interested in presenting him something which he can make use of while running. There are a number of gifts which can be given to Marathon Runners depending upon their needs.

But before buying take into account the weather season in which he will be running, whether the runner is a male or female.

Buying a gift is always a thoughtful process especially if it has to be given to a Marathon runner. Surely they wouldn’t like to have a simple card or a bouquet as a gift, but rather something different catering to their need. It is only then that your gift can well be appreciated! So what are the various gifts which can possibly be gifted to a runner? Here’s a peak into it.

Various gift options-For runners, gifting a wristwatch GPS system can be a good idea. It will simply track their total distance of running, how far they are from the starting point, how to reach back to the point of origin and various other statistical data. ‘Garmin Forerunner Series’ in this regard is a viable option. It also tracks how much calories have been burned while running, so go for it.

You can even gift a Marathon Picture Frame. You can engrave any text below the frame. It comes in various sizes. It also features engraved marathon runners and finish line. You can even write a personalised message at the back of the frame.

Gifts for all runners-There are a certain gifts specifically catering to the needs of the Marathon runners which can also be probably given. These include Hydration Packs, belts and carriers. While the bottles and carriers are good for short distance runners, hydration belts and packs are best for the long distance runners.

Sometimes the runners may even complain of blisters on their feet, caused due to excessive running. In such a case gifting them a pair of injinji socks can work wonders. He will not only love the gift but even appreciate your love and care. These socks help to prevent foot blisters by keeping moisture at bay. It also gives space to your feet to breathe in properly.

Since the marathon runner has to walk almost at all times be it night or day so you can present him a reflective T shirt also.

If your runner is a gadget freak gifting him an iPod is also a great idea. He can simply enjoy the music while running. It has a clip at the back so you don’t have to bother to hold it in hands rather it can be simply tied to the dress. The motivation which the music will provide on the way is simply great.

Gifting running shoes is also a good idea but this you can do only when you know the size of the runner as well as colour which he may want.
If you are still unsure of the gift then present him with something which is the basic requisite of all the runners like a good motivational book on running, training journals, energy bars and gels, headbands and T shirts.

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