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Good Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Choosing Shoes for Flat Feet

FEB 26 2010

People are born with different foot types. Of these some are born with flat foot type which is somewhat unique. But still, you need to have good running shoes for flat feet. When choosing shoes for flat feet make sure that you are putting a greater emphasis on the comfort zone of your foot.

Those having a flat foot, may sometimes find it quite tough to find the appropriate shoes for their feet. Whether you have a flat foot or not can be easily decided with the help of a simple test on paper, by getting your footprint on a piece of paper. Also, you may notice that if there is no curve from your toe to the heel in your feet then probably you have a flat foot. People with such a foot type are said to be overpronators and the regular shoes which are being used by all won’t be of much help to them. They need to have a specific type of shoes for their feet.

When choosing shoes for flat feet make sure that the shoes have been provided with high stability features and also with motion control materials. This will make your feet comfortable than any other type of shoes. Go for shoes which have a firm mid sole. These shoes will help to make your walking or running easier and more comfortable. Shoes which have a inward curve need to be avoided by flat foot people, as they are likely to compress your feet and also cause foot pain, which indeed is the last thing you will wish to have. You can opt for shoes which have a single layer of padding material rather than those which have multiple layers. Make sure the shoes have proper cushioning system and breathability so that your feet do not suffer in any of the circumstances whether you are running on a pavement, walking or climbing uneven terrains.

Flat foot people need to find shoes which provides support to your feet, along with that stability to the over pronation feet. Such type of shoes is also provided with appropriate type of foam material which is particularly helpful to the flat foot, this foam is usually provided at the midsole of the shoe.

Motion control running shoes are said to be the best running shoes for people with flat foot. They make the runners run in comfort without having to feel stiffed and heavy at the feet. These shoes are designed in a way so as to prevent over pronation from coming in the way of running effectively. These shoes prevent unnecessary twisting at the feet and hence the runner can strike easily. They have built in support which prevents the knees from suffering any kind of pain at the time of running.

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