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Great North West Marathon

Participating in the Great North West Marathon

DEC 28 2009

The complete name of the Great N-W Marathon is Start Fitness Great N-W Marathon. The marathon takes place at the Hilton hotel- North Promenade- Blackpool. It is considered to be one of the most interesting marathons.

For participating in the Great NW Marathon you need to be 17 years of age

Great NW marathon is said to be quite popular since as many 1500 participants take part in the race. The total course of the race is 13 miles. The route basically consists of multiple laps and moves through the town side. For the runners there are water stations at every 5 km, while distance markers are located after every mile.

Route of the Marathon-The entire route is almost traffic free so you can simply enjoy the run without any congestion or crowd especially the route between the North Pier and Little Bispham is totally free from traffic. As far as awards are concerned apart from the medals you also stand a chance to win T shirts and goody bag.

Facilities Provided- A number of facilities are provided on the venue. These may include the toilet facility; a secure area is made available to keep all your belongings. Even sports massage is given. Full medical support is also present on the venue for the runners.

The basic thing to keep in mind is that you should get yourself registered as early as possible since the forms are filled up quite early. So you won’t be able to fill up the form after the closing date or once the final limit has been reached. You can get the entry even on the day of the race as well as in advance also. The race packs though are supplied beforehand but if you fail to get them you can pick them up on the day of marathon from the venue itself.
On the entry form you need to make a declaration that you are medically fit to take part in the race and that the organisers are not responsible for any injury or sickness on the way.

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