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Guide for Walking 10000 Steps

Benefits of Walking 10000 Steps

JAN 15 2010

Follow the guide for walking 10000 steps if you are desperate in improving your overall health. Over the year many of the studies have now confirmed that walking 10,000 steps can indeed keep you hale and hearty, by improving your health. The benefits of walking 10000 steps daily are many.

Walking 10000 steps daily can improve your overall well being. Most important benefit is that it will indubitably keep your weight in check by burning the extra calories. Walking is often the neglected form of exercise. People will go out to gym and join aerobic classes and perform various exercises rather than going for a walk. This is because people are not aware of the benefits of walking. Most important benefit is that it doesn’t take any high technique gadgets to perform walking and it also burns exactly the same amount of calories as would be done in a gym.

How to Start Walking

In order to release stress and maintain your over all cardio vascular health it is advisable that you walk 10,000 steps. Initially you can start with just 500 steps and increase with each day; you yourself will be amazed as to how many steps will add on as it becomes a routine for you. In case you don’t have enough time to take out for walking so the best thing you can do is to walk whenever and wherever you can. Instead of using a lift, go for the stairs, when talking on mobile prefer to walk, always walk after your dinner, choose your car or bike at the farthest place from your office or home so that you can get a chance to walk. Instead of calling someone nearby, prefer to go and talk to him. All these small tips can go a long way in keeping you healthy; moreover these do not require any extra effort as well.

Walking with a Pedometer

Whenever you go out for walking 10000 steps, it will be good if you keep pedometer with yourself. It will help you in determining your steps. A few pedometers can even calculate your speed, miles covered, and estimate the number of calories burned by you.

Before you start with your walking regime, make sure you are wearing a good cushioned pair of shoes and socks, always keep a bottle of water with you. In case you are experiencing pain or any other problem while walking it is good that you consult a doctor. If due to paucity of time you are not able to devote a full 30 minutes time to walking, then try to walk for 5 or 15 minutes at different times since these will finally add up to help you lead a healthy life. Remember that by walking 10000 steps per day you are saving yourself from a number of diseases and thereby contributing towards a healthy and stressful living.

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