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Guide to Buy Custom Made Walking Stick

Tips to Buy Custom Made Walking Sticks

JAN 17 2010

How to buy the walking stick is important to know before you settle down with one. You need to follow the guide to buy the custom made walking sticks, which comes in different designs. These sticks are made from different types of wood-some may be plain while others may have carvings on them.

Sticks are used by people for different purposes; some use it for hiking, while some may use it for walking. Depending upon the various types of needs of the people different types of sticks are available in the market to choose from. But before buying the walking stick, you need to take into account a number of important factors. The most important is to know the correct size of the stick which in fact depends upon your height as well as where you might be using it. You should also be aware of the wood which will be used in the stick; you can give prior order to the shop so that you can get the stick of your favourite wood. If you are having a problem in determining the length of the stick then you can also consult your physical therapist that can let you know about the ideal height.

To determine the size of the cane length you need to stand erect properly with whatever shoes you generally wear, and then let someone else do the measurement. Basically cane length is half the height of the cane user’s height.

Benefits of Walking Stick

Walking stick is basically helpful in giving you a proper balance, crossing roads or streams, moving at uneven terrains. In old age it prevents you from a fall. Also it reduces the stress on your back and knees. These are also helpful in climbing up or descending the stairs. So it is utmost important that you choose it with utmost care.

Various types of Walking Sticks

The hiking stick, walking stick and cane also make for a great gift. They can be custom made and thus all the more elegant to possess. These sticks are specially hand crafted from various types of woods life juniper, basswood, maple, birch and other woods. It is up to you to decide and order as per your requirements. Some of the websites even carry images of various types of walking sticks thus you can choose from one of those and order. The custom designs which are available can have a number of themes also like-Life History, Sports Teams, Scouts, Hiking Clubs, and Tracking Sticks. Some of the shops which are experts in these sticks can make them so beautifully that they won’t look like a medical appliance rather an accessory that will make your walks even more pleasurable.

On demand, a hand wrapped leather grip can also be attached to the stick, this will apart from giving you a proper grip also give a better support to your hand without causing any pain. But before buying just walk for some distance to make it sure that the stick is as per your satisfaction, you don’t feel difficulty in walking.

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