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Guide to Buy Marathon Fancy Dress

Buying Marathon Fancy Dresses

DEC 8 2009

A number of people start preparing of what to wear since a few weeks before. It is a craze and fun for most getting dressed up. The guide to buy marathon fancy dress can solve their queries with regard to what all you can wear in marathon fancy dress. They ditch the dress code of vest and shorts and try something different.

Most of the people believe that the fancy dress brigades are a bunch of attention seekers who run in their crazy costumes just to be the cynosure of all eyes. Few people regard them as people who can’t run fast and in this way they can slow their walk and still be in the limelight. But buying the fancy dress can be a big question for the most of the addicted runners. A number of them go for a rhino dress or nurse outfit, caterpillar dress, butterfly outfit or a simple Fred Flinstone- what they wear they enjoy.

Why to Run in a Fancy Dress

People run around in fancy dress just to look different as well as enjoy the attraction they are getting. They are there to enjoy and have fun. Definitely you won’t be the centre of attraction if you are simply running around in vests and shorts. For multitude of people the day is to earn charity for the organisations they are standing for. It is always interesting to see such a costumed fun at the event with the people walking in all colours and shapes.

What Fancy Dress to Buy for Running

Marathon runner kit is one of the best you can lay your hands at. The kit contains a wig and tash. It is available at an affordable price of about $7. But you need to add vest and shorts to it. People opt for banana man costume, bunny girl outfit or may be a superman, batman and hotdog. Main aim however is to boost the charity donations. This is possible when you stand out then the rest. But care must be taken that you choose an outfit which is appealing as well easier to wear so that you are able to enjoy the race. You must check the dress before wearing it on the D day. Make sure you are able to see out of the costume. You should be easily able to eat and drink with your clothes on. When choosing a dress, use material which doesn’t get dissolved with rain or sweat. You will be able to attract more attention if your dress is more crowd pleasing and original rather than imitation of someone. If you have opted for a dress which is heavier than the running kit then start practicing by running with a weighted rucksack. Don’t forget to carry energy gels, water bottles inside your outfit if you have limited access to your mouth owing to your dress.

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