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Guide to Buy Marathon Running Socks

Buying Marathon Running Socks

DEC 20 2009

Marathon runners though invest money in buying the best pair of shoes but somehow they forget to think about the marathon running socks which too deserve attention.

Socks serve as a kind of interface between your feet and your shoes and so it is important for you to make a check while buying marathon running socks.

While buying socks for marathon you need to be careful and you cannot simply ignore them since a poor quality socks can make your feet as well as high quality shoes feel terrible.

Running socks are different from the normal wear socks since they protect the feet while it performs strenuous activity like running for miles at a stretch. So they are specially designed for the runners and help to prevent various injuries like blisters, boils, calluses caused due to running.

You need to remember that once in a marathon there’s no looking back and so you have to meet rain, mud, slopes, and uneven terrains over the course of the race, so you need to have enough support for your feet which comes not just from the shoes you wear but also from the socks.

The length of the socks varies and which one you need to wear depends solely on your preference. Don’t ever think about participating in a marathon without wearing your socks. Socks are a kind of protective shield for your feet and hence should not be neglected or ignored.

Tips for Buying Running Socks

You need to be aware of how long you have to run before buying the socks. Wear them and see if you are comfortable in them, if not ask the shopkeeper to change them. Don’t buy just by the colour and look of the socks rather see your comfort zone. The marathon running socks should have the ability to wick moisture. Thin double layer socks are said to go aptly well with the lightweight competition shoes. Some of the socks are even provided with silver ions in order to prevent the growth of odour causing bacteria. They should also be able to reduce friction while running.

Precautions to Be Taken for Buying Running Socks

Never wear cotton socks while you are going for running. Rather opt for synthetic ones which will pull the moisture away from your feet. Wear socks according to the size of your feet since wearing either long or short socks can cause chaffing and irritation. Make sure that your feet are properly covered by the socks you are wearing or else there is the fear of skin getting rubbed. If you know that you have to run in rainy season then it is good to keep an extra pair of socks which you may change after the first one becomes wet. Wet socks are all the more prone to cause blisters.

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Name: Adam jay

My main advice would be to look for custom socks. Get something that is tailored for your specific need. Do you need arch support? Blister protection? There has been lots of technology jump recently. It's definitely worth looking into bamboo, core-spun socks etc. Good place to start looking would be something like

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