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Guide to Buy Winter Running Gloves

Choosing Winter Running Gloves to Buy

MAY 10 2010

There are various types of winter running gloves available for both men and women. You need to follow the guide to buy winter running gloves since when it comes to running in the winter months, you need to completely cover yourself, so that you don’t have to suffer from any of the running hazards.

A number of companies manufacture hand gloves meant for both men and women and thus you can always secure yourself with the same. Many companies include a complete winter gear including gloves for your hands. These are essential as they keep you warm even in times of chilly winds and thereby act as a protection for you.

Women’s Manzella Midweight Stretch Fleece Glove

These gloves are meant to serve women’s hand specifically. They will keep your hands warm and soft as well as you run in the chilly winters. These gloves come with wicking Poly Lycra fabric which is stretchable enough.

Men’s Manzella Convertible Running Mitten

The good feature of these gloves is that you can do almost everything after wearing these gloves. You can wear them even in mild cold season or extremely chilly winters. They are surely meant to serve your purpose as well as keep your hands soft. These gloves come with a waterproof hood, brushed knit wicking.

Women’s Nike Thermal Run Glove

Designed for women they keep your hands warm and soft both at the same time. Over the fingers, they consist of a thick fabric, they have a longer cuff and mesh palm also. An important feature of these gloves is that they have a handy key pocket as well which is certainly not available amongst other gloves. Along with this, they also have reflective graphics which makes them visible in night time also. A must buy for women runners.

Wind Tex Eco Flex Gloves

These gloves apart from being waterproof are windproof also and this is the key feature in these gloves, the interior of these gloves has been designed in away so as to keep the hands warm enough. They have the ability to wick the moisture and thus your hands won’t have sweat if you wear them for over longer hours. You can wear them nit just for running but also for cold weather rides.

Pulse Lite Glove

These gloves are not light weight but provide breathability features also. The fabric of these gloves is Podium Waffle Mesh and these are extremely fitted gloves. They have a comfortable snug and also an MP3 thumb pad.

Seal Skinz Gloves

These keep the hands dry, and for better gripping power they have been provided with gripper dots. They consist of engineered layer which doesn’t allow moisture to seep in and thus keeps your hands free from moisture.

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