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Guide to Install Roof Mount Bike Rack

Installing Roof Mount Bike Rack

JUL 19 2010

Installing roof mount bike rack is quite easy provided you have the correct knowledge and you are following the right directions. Read the guide to install roof mount bike rack manual which might be given at the time of buying the rack, follow directions carefully. You need to be quite exactly know how to install the bike rack on the roof of your car.

Most of the riders takes their bikes too far off places for riding. This involves taking the bicycle along themselves. There are many who prefer not to ride the bike to the far off places rather they do it by taking the bike on the cars. There are various type of car racks which are available in the market today and you can easily decide which one to buy as per your need and requirements. This will help you in taking your bike in an easy and comfortable manner.

Installing the Bike Rack

It is quite easy to install the bike rack but there are people who regard it as a tedious task. A number of people just do it in the wrong manner and thus they are not able to properly adjust the rack on the car. Just a little bit of knowledge will help you in guiding about the same.

Initially you need to know which is the system you require whether it needs to be roof mounted or truck mounted. There are racks which are able to hold a number of bikes, but a few are meant to hold just one bike. Your car style along with your needs will determine which rack you should buy.

When you install the bike rack, make sure that all the parts of the bike rack are present. You are not losing any of the parts or else the rack may not be properly mounted. A basic bike rack has around 4 boots, 2 cross bars and the bike rack components.

Things to keep in mind When Installing Bike Rack

When you install make sure you have properly installed the boots since they form the major part of the bike rack. The other important part are the bike rack components which ensures the safety of the bike, they are either in a tray like feature or clamps to protect the bike from falling down.

When you buy the bicycle, you are also provided with a manual as to how to install the bike rack, this too comes handy and you can read out from the same for details and finer aspects of installing the bike rack.

Make sure you have attached the wheel strap in a proper way, remember that you need to place the front of the wheel on the front hoop. Straps too should be used wisely for fixing the bike on the rack.

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