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Gym Shoes for Kids

Buying Kid Gym Shoes

MAY 16 2011

Gym shoes for kids need to have support and durability because the feet of the kids are tender and soft not like elders. There are different types of kid gym shoes which are trendy and made in light of the needs and requirements of the kids. These shoes need to be light weight and comfortable for kids.

Keeping in view the growing fitness initiatives which are being taken the world over, the kids too seem to fall in line. These days’ small kids are also opting to go to the gym to stay fit.

  • There are a large number of shoe companies which are bringing out gym shoes for the kids.
  • These are trendy and sporting kinds of shoes which are designed specifically keeping in mind the interests and feet of the small kids.

Children’s New Balance KV993:

  • These are the shoes meant for kids and are designed in a way that they offer the perfect combination of cushioning and stability.
  • These shoes consist of rubber cup outsole while the midsole is molded.
  • Other features includes mesh upper and split suede.
  • These shoes have been found to be very light weight shoes and hence the kids will love to wear these shoes.
  • From the point of view of comfort too, they stand apart from the rest.

Sperry- Top Sider:

  • These are said to be hand sewn shoes.
  • They are made up of tru-moc construction.
  • These shoes are also provided with laces which give additional strength and durability to the feet and it becomes easier to run and practice.

Nike youth ‘Jordan Esterno Low’ Basket Ball Shoes:

  • These shoes are said to be one of the best from the Nikes.
  • These are composed of two colours- white and silver.
  • They are said to be trendy and hence kids will love to wear these.
  • They come with a leather upper which is immensely durable.

Boys CB34186:

  • These are light weight sneakers meant for the kids.
  • They are made up of leather and hence are immensely durable.
  • These are said to be easily washable shoes.
  • In order to make it easier for the kids, these shoes come with hook and loop closure also.
  • Keeping in view the hygiene these shoes come with antimicrobial features which keep the feet fresh.
  • They have moisture wicking properties also which is effective in keeping the dirt and sweat out of the shoes.

Stride Rite Austin Lace:

  • These shoes come with flexibility and durability in terms of its outsole.
  • In order to ensure mobility at the ankles, they are provided with padded collar.
  • These have received good reviews from the kids also.
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