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Half Marathon Training Tips

Tips for Running a Half Marathon

APR 15 2010

Conquer the long runs and head on with the competition through proper half marathon training program. Here are the tips that will help you survive the 13.1 mile challenge.

Participating in half marathons is a commitment for you need to dedicate training hours not only to survive the distance but to finish it strong.

During the training, it is very important to learn first the basics and that is to know the proper posture and techniques in running. This will prevent you from getting injuries. It will also help if you will see a doctor before enrolling yourself in a training program and see whether your body can surpass it. Next is to have the proper running suit that you are comfortable wearing, still, for safety purposes.

Training program for half marathons usually takes about 8 to 12 weeks. For those wanting to participate in running events with such distance, one of the things to remember is that you must at least capable of running six miles. If not, then the 8 to 12 weeks training must enable you to do so. Training involves conditioning of the mind and body and preparing your system to endure the distance.

What is good about half marathons is that they are not too short or too long for an individual. No rigid trainings unlike in full marathons. Half marathons perfectly fit to those that enjoyed the not-so-distanced running.

The length of the training program does not solely involve long runs. There should also be easy runs and speed workouts as well as rest days in between. As the weeks pass by, you should also speed up your running pace gradually. Speed is not something that can be achieved overnight. Aerobic activities may help boost your stamina and endurance.

For the beginners in this distance, do not hit hard the target. Assess your speed and develop a pace where you are most comfortable. Likewise, if you are a seasoned runner, it is advised that you dictate the pace that you wanted to run the half marathon.

Enrolling in a gym will help you better your flexibility and strength to secure that you can reach the finish line strong. A balanced diet will also aid you on strengthening your body to support on the fatigue that the run will cause. Carbohydrate diet is the most applicable that should be complemented with hydration.

In addition, preparing your mind is essential. Find time to relax your mind. And if you are feeling some anxiety especially on the day before the race, getting familiar with track will help you ease some, or even all, of it.
Recovery after the race is also crucial. Fatigue and stress would be present. But again, having the right mind set and conditioning will make it tolerable. Continue the work outs even you are not preparing for any run for it is good for your health.

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