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Hamstring Injury from Running

Symptoms, Causes and Treatment for Hamstring Injuries

JUN 23 2008

Hamstring injuries are common to runners and sports athletes. They often come, and go back. Hamstrings work overtime. They do much in controlling knee movements off the ground. For ground work, they stabilize knee joints whenever a foot hits the ground.

Many factors cause hamstring injury.

One of which is weakness and also imbalances. Any imbalance and poor functioning of the pelvis and legs will definitely open doors for an injury. Stiffness and tightness as well as poor movement coordination will probably cause a hamstring injury. Poor muscle coordination is another cause.

Improper and poor training are further causes. They add undue stress to a runnerís body. They cause a person to perform outside the normal bounds. Sudden increases in distances or miles are not good. Covering too much ground in one run (and on a regular basis) is bad. Not enough time devoted to body stretching is also bad. Use of poor foot gear is definitely a no no.

Running with fatigue is common. Athletes push themselves way too far. Fatigue is a sign that your body needs more rest. Runners must not give in to the temptation of running even when their bodies are not ready for the task. Performance is greatly affected and risks of injury heighten whenever you run tired. Power is lacking. Feelings of fatigue are warning signals which say that you have not had enough rest yet. So, prolong your rest.

Running with an injury is also common. Athletes run in spite of the pain and injury. This may be done but not always. However, since many injuries require absolute rest and cessation from activities, runners must strictly follow their doctorís advice. Get a recommendation from your doctor as to when you can continue with your program. Pushing an injury too far may cause permanent damage. Also, running without full recovery (especially when required) is not a wise move. Let your body recover fully from an injury first. Else, recurrence of injury may be expected. Worse, your injured part may never regain full function as before.

In event of injuries, stop the run, more so, when in extreme pain. Reduce training times and intensity and stick to running on even grounds. Seek the right prescribed medicines and make sure you follow doctorís orders as to when to take them and how much concentration of medicine to take. Cold wraps and compresses help, so apply them frequently. Massage affected area. If you do not know how, have a therapist teach you or do it for you.

Have enough stretching exercises, most especially during an injury. There are prescribed stretching exercises that are to be carried out in order to make a speedy recovery from hamstring injury. Seek the advice of your trainer and health care professional regarding the proper execution of these needed exercises.

The severity of hamstring injuries varies. Some may be able to go back to full training within 3 weeks. Others may need 6 weeks and even more. When you do get back to training, make sure to have enough foot support. Ask if the current design and kind of foot gear you are using needs replacement, upgrading, or further enhancement.

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