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Handling Running Leg Cramps

Why Leg Cramps During Running

SEP 2 2009

The possibility of sudden leg cramp canít be ruled out while legs get tired due to excess stretching of certain calf muscles. Though it is still not confirmed yet but the link between dehydration and calf cramps are considered possible factors of calf cramps. Usually runners face these situations during nights because dehydration is common in such occasions. Dietary habits are other key factors for this problem. Runners should get enough sodium, potassium and magnesium in diets. Once these elements lack in diet runners start encountering calf cramps.

Out of the many crucial factors of calf cramps, exertion, dehydration and poor nutrition are commonest ones which strike runners hence such phenomenon develop easily.

Though dehydration is main cause of calf cramps runners must handle them carefully. Managing such cramps is most important in taking the safety measures. How should you prevent them is the question of great concern? Whenever you feel a sharp and sudden leg cramp you must try stopping them through applying best possible preventive measures.

Massage your body to control calf cramps and keep stretching your body for better and early recovery. Runners should keep their heels on the ground to handle leg cramps while running. Pull the toes up and manage them to reach the toes with hands. This process easies calf muscles in stretching and lessening pain.

Major Causes Of Leg Cramps? It is mandatory to know the reasons which are possible causes of calf cramps while running. Insufficient diet is certainly one of the main reasons. Taking fluid diet intake and following regular exercise regime are most noticeable factors. Follow the routine and apply accurate rule book according to the prescribed guideline. If leg cramps reoccur even after following the above mentioned routine runners should consult doctor and seek guidance.

Eating properly and massaging body surely helps in stretching leg cramps. Running remains an obsession for some people. Running cramps may occur to anybody whether the runner is a novice or a professional one. Anyone can succumb to such running cramps. The pain in such problems is unbearable. Other causes of crapms are muscle fatigue and excessive body weight. Avoid wearing old and worn shoes and don’t neglect the stretching activities. Sometimes awkward running style too may cause these crapms.

Prevention: There are several preventive measures to handle leg cramps during running. These preventions help you maintain pace. You also avoid discontinuation in participation in running schedules. Maintain ongoing health awareness activities and keep running for at least shorter durations. Drink enough water and take sports drinks in case your running schedule is meant for longer duration. Adequate supply of minerals, salts and sugars keep you going and you enjoy the running schedule well.

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