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Heel Hurts When Walking

Treating Hurting Heel

MAY 6 2010

For the runners it is utmost important that they treat hurting heel as soon as possible. Heel hurts when walking is very common. Almost all the runners suffer from it at point of running or the other. But it should in no way mean that they should simply stop running.

When it comes to running continuously for hours, problems are bound to occur and one of the most common problems being faced by the runners is the problem of hurting heels while you are on the run. It is utmost important for you to know the precautions you need to take to avoid the heels from hurting.

Precautions to take for Heel Hurting

Once your heel starts to hurt, you have to take all the possible precautions, so that the pain does not aggravate further. The first and the most important step is to give yourself a break from running and taking proper rest.
You need to consult a good doctor and inform him about your problem. He will be telling you about the various exercises which you need to perform. But if there is swollen joints, accompanied with fever then you should immediately stop the exercises if the pain is becoming worse.

Common Walking Problems

There are a number of common walking problems which may occur due to excessive walking or running. These may include arthritis, shin splits, sprains, plantar fasciitis apart from the heel pain which is one of the most common problems.

Plantar fasciitis also known as ‘dog’s heel’ or ‘flip flop’ disease. This problem may occur amongst the runners. In this, there occurs inflammation of the tissues of the heel which if not treated on time may even extend to the toes. The inflammation may cause excruciating pain at the bottom of the heel so much so that it becomes almost impossible to walk or run.

The situation appears to be aggravated if you have been sitting for a while and then as you walk, there may be pain in the heel. You may well be able to notice the swelling and the bruises on your heel in such a condition. There are a number of factors responsible for such a condition. The most important is obesity, others being diabetes, flat foot, walking excessively, old age.

Though there is nothing much you can do, but still you need to cut back on your running if you are an avid runner. In case you have flat foot, it is important that you take the help of orthotics which will serve as an arch support. Losing weight too goes a long way in easing heel pain.

Black toe nails are yet another problem which may be caused due to friction and tight shoes or socks. So better be careful with the type of shoes and socks you wear when you go out for running.

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