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Heel Injuries from Running

Types of Heel Injuries Runners Suffer From

SEP 4 2008

With heel injuries from running, there are various types of heel injuries runners suffer from. Injuries can be mild and can be severe. As heel injuries may happen and recur at any time, runners must be careful in caring for their body.

Heel pains must never be ignored. Watch out for injuries and treat them at once. Read further and learn more on heel injuries.

Heel injuries definitely bring heel pain, and heel pains are commonly felt by runners and athletes. Others who get injured on their heels may, in fact, experience a recurrence of the injury.

Plantar Fasciitis

This belongs to the top causes of heel pains. In Plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the bottom of one’s foot is seen. “Fascia’, a connective tissue, becomes inflamed or irritated. Since it connects the feet to the heels, Fasciitis causes pain during walking and running. Pain is also observed to occur before retiring at night and after waking up in the morning. Plantar Fasciitis is often a recurring condition. Proper stretching, cold and warm compress, analgesics, and rest periods are treatment options for this injury. Surgery may be warranted in serious cases.

Heel Spurs

Runners who are beset with recurring Plantar Fasciitis often develop a heel spur. Problems with Arthritis may also lead to spurs. In heel spurs, there is a calcium deposit formation around the feet tendons and ligaments. As they attach to the heel bones, pain is felt on the heels. Older athletes, those nearing forty years, often suffer from heel spurs. With other existing conditions like osteoarthritis and blood circulation problems, risks for calcification increase.

Pain can be intense most especially when you start walking. Expect the pain to cease after some strides and while resting, but expect them to come back once you resume your pace. Prolonged standing also triggers pain. Foot x-rays allow for an early detection of heel spurs. Use pads, cushions, and orthotics to help alleviate pain.

Fractures and broken bones

Bone crack and broken bones is a great probability in the field of sports. Small cracks in bones, broken bones, and even healed bones can cause heel pains. Overtraining and wrong execution of runs, jumps, twists, and turns, can cause stress fractures and broken bones. Dancers, tennis players, basketball players, and even sportswomen with irregular menstrual cycles are prone to these since decrease in bone mass is the cause of the problem. Athletes with existing bone problems like arthritis and osteoporosis are also greatly at risk. With stress fractures, the bones are unable to withstand the stress of movement and weight bearing, so bone diseases greatly increase the risk for breaks and cracks.

Never over train, always train in moderation. Do body warm-ups properly. Ease into rigorous reps and training times slowly. Rest all broken bones. Do not train with serious injuries. Make sure broken bones and fractures recover and heal fully before returning to a full training program. Do muscle and bone strengthening exercises. Use proper equipment for training and use appropriate shoes for running. Run on good quality shoes, most especially if you already have past bone injuries.

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