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High End Road Bikes

Best High End Road Bike

JUN 30 2010

There are a number of types of high end road bikes available of which the essential ones are the Willer Imperiale and the Centro SL. These bikes are known for their light weight and carbon frames. High end road bikes are quite costly and so it really depends upon your budget and interests to buy them.

There have been a lot of people who are interested in high end road bikes and hence they have gained popularity over the years. Public interest has been there in the high end bikes due to the speed and the quality of the bikes. But owing to their high level of quality these bikes are available at a very high price.

Before buying the high end road bikes, you need to take into consideration whether there is a need for these bikes or not, it depends upon your personal desire. You need to know whether you require the bike just for riding on the road, or for travelling long distances. Depending upon the requirement it will be better for you to decide whether your bike needs to have all the high level functions or a simple one will do, since the standard bike will cost you a lot.

These days high end bikes come with carbon frames. For the maximum efficiency these frames come with ultra light efficiency, thus these bikes are very light in weight and you can ride them at ease without having to worry about the weight.

Types of High end Road Bikes

There are a number of types of high end road bikes available and each is different from the other with lots of features. Willer Imperiale 2010 is one such bike of carbon frames. It is basically made keeping the bikers and road racers in mind. These bikes can be used by the triathletes and the riders also. These bikes have a three piece monocoque frame, and has an integrated back end. It comes at a high price range.

Cento SL- it is one of the most lightest high end bike and has won many gold and silver medals owing to its high capacity and durability in the field of riding. It is made up of full carbon cork with a WCS carbon headset. It is said to be around 130g lighter than other bikes and hence mostly favoured by the riders. It is in many ways better than central Uno.

Good features of the Bikes

When you will be riding these two road bikes you will have the real feel of riding on the road. The good thing is that you will be able to take part in multitude of biking competitions also, by riding on these two bikes.

You need to give prime importance to the wheels of the high end road bikes when you ride them. You also need to choose high end tyres for riding the bikes.

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